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Established on Aug. 28, 2005, Guangzhou Sanyang Electron Technology Co., Ltd is  private high-tech company engaged in the design, R & D , manufacturing and marketing of PC power, industrial power, under which there are proprietary bands “PANGU”“Pangu”, “Pangukaitian” series which are well reputed by domestic DIY users since we uphold innovation, individuality and environmental friendliness.
Our business ideas are: faithfulness, persistence, pioneering and innovation.
Our R and D strength: as a top computer periphery device manufacturer, we have been putting R and D and innovation as the top priority. At present, our company is in possession of many top R and D engineers in Asia, experienced excellent engineers and our R & D strength ranks top in terms of booths and power in China.
Our achievements: being innovative, Pangu has applied a number of applied patents and applied these latest technologies to products for the sake of consumers and let them experience the latest achievements of Pangu, such as the Kaishan Ax Silver Axe power for “Four-Group Independent Output”, the No Dust in the World” standard booths, “Demon God” game players’ booths.
Our marketing network: Pangu has established good marketing network and has set up good marketing service platforms and after-sale service platforms in such regions as South China, East China, Southwest China, Central China, Northeast China and North China.
Our honors: having worked hard for years, Pangu has won many honors in the industry. Pangu has won PCDIY Editor’s Choice, Modern ComputerEditor’s Recommendation, the Best Performance Award, Computer for Household Use Editor’s Recommendation and Choice, Computer Dealer Intelligence China’s Top 100 IT Channel and the Most Potential Award, etc.