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ATX computer power supply output line corresponding function Keys

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2019/01/02 11:08
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The output lines of the same color, the output voltage is the same. Computer power on the output lines are available in nine colors (yellow, red, orange, purple, blue, white, gray, green, and black). The output lines of the various colors of the following meanings:
Figure, the main function of the DC output of each group are as follows:
(1) Yellow: +12 V: Output +12 V DC voltage.
Yellow line in the power supply should be a large number of one, with the accession of the CPU and PCI-E graphics card powered ingredients, +12 V role is pivotal in the power supply.
Been hard disk, CD-ROM drive, floppy drive spindle motor and seek motor provides power +12 V operating voltage and serial circuit logic signal level and ISA slots. +12 V voltage output is not normal, and often cause instability of the hard drive, CD-ROM drive, floppy drive to read the disk performance. When the voltage is low, the performance of the optical drive pick disk serious, logical bad sectors of the hard disk to increase, and often bad sectors, the system is easy to hang, and can not be used normally. High when the optical drive speed is too high, prone to runaway, are prone to the phenomenon of fried disk, hard disk performance to stall, turn to fly. Currently, if the +12 V power supply shortage will directly affect the PCI-E graphics performance, and impact on CPU, a direct result of the crash.
(2) Red: +5 V: +5 V DC output voltage.
The number of +5 V wires and yellow wires considerable +5 V power supply is available to the operating voltage of the CPU and PCI, AGP, the ISA and other integrated circuits, computer work power. Currently, CPU use mixed supply of +12 V and +5 V, for it has been so high. Only in the latest Intel ATX12V 2.2 version to enhance the +5 V power supply capacity, strengthen the power of dual-core CPU. Its power quality is good or bad, is directly related to the stability of the computer system.
(3) gray: PW_OK(power signal lines), also known as Power_Good, or Power_OK or POK, usually use the gray line access, +5 V output signal power is good or bad for the motherboard detects. 5 V standby zero level, controlled start a stable voltage output high level. The signal of PW_OK used to avoid the system work in the case of abnormal voltage or unstable. Generally 0.1 seconds -0.5 seconds after the power button is pressed, the system through internal self-test and detects the voltage output stability issue PW_OK signal processor reset line after receiving the signal the timer chip on the motherboard control the computer starts normally . If you do not receive PW_OK signal or power output is not normal, timer chip will make the processor to keep the reset state, in order to avoid the system voltage is not normal.
Case work.
Under normal circumstances, the gray line P-OK output 2V above, this power can be used normally; P-OK output is less than 1V, the power supply will not be able to guarantee the system work properly, it must be replaced. This is to determine the power of life and one of the primary means of eligibility.
(4) green: PS_ON asserted, (power switch end), and +5 VSB combined to achieve the opening and closing of the power, as long as you control a the signal level PS_ON changes, will be able to control the opening and closing of the power supply.
To control the opening of the power level. When the signal level of the port is greater than 1.8V, the main power is off; if the signal level is less than 1.8V, the main power is on. Using a multimeter to test the foot of the output signal level is 4V. Because the voltage of the output pin of the signal level. Here are a preliminary soil to determine the power of good and bad way: Use wire shorted green port and any one black port, if the power supply is no reaction, indicating damage to the power supply. A lot of power now joined the protection circuit, shorted the power to determine that there is no additional load will automatically turn off. Therefore, we need to carefully observe the moment of the start of the power supply.
ATX switching power supply of the different models of the standby voltage value is 3 V, 3.6 V or 4.6 V varies. When the to host panel POWER switch is pressed or Wake on LAN remote boot, the controlled start the PS_ON by motherboard electronic switch grounded. Usually when PS_ON less than 1 V power is turned on, turn off the power when greater than 4.5 V, especially in the remote wake-up function when the computer is more closely related.
(5) Orange: +3.3 V: mainly used on the motherboard, CPU, and memory-powered DC / DC input power supply. On the motherboard can be due to relatively lower voltage DC / DC design easier and safer to use, more efficient and can lower the temperature of the motherboard.
This is an ATX power supply specifically set up to provide power for the memory. The 24pin main interface Power, focused on strengthening the +3.3 V supply. The strict requirements of the voltage output ripple coefficient to be small, the output current to 20 amps. For safety, some of the high-grade motherboard power supply of the high-power field of control memory, but also because of the memory plug instead of this tube is burned. +2.5 V DDR memory and +1.8 V DDR2 memory platforms, are installed on the motherboard voltage conversion circuit.
(6) Purple: +5 VSB (+5 V standby power)
Standby voltage is used for remote control switch voltage, usually purple line access. Not unplug the power supply plug in the case, even if you turn off the computer, +5 VSB is still power to the host system, and acts as the opening and closing automatic management and remote wake-up function circuit power. General +5 VSB standby and controlled start, its output voltage is 5 V high. So with the network card or modem, and make the appropriate settings in the BIOS settings, it allows the user to start the computer remotely.
ATX power supply to the motherboard through PIN9 +5 V 720MA power, this power for WOL (Wake-up On Lan) and power on the circuit, USB interface circuit to provide power. If you do not use features such as Wake on LAN, connect such features Close jumper removal of these devices can be avoided was taken from the supply end of the +5 VSB current. Output quality of power supply, directly affect the computer standby power consumption, directly linked with our electricity bills.
The voltage of-12V is provided for serial logical judgment level, the need for smaller current Usually, in amperes, even if the voltage deviation is larger, it will not cause a malfunction, because the 0 level of the logic level of -3 to-15V , there is a very wide range.
Currently commercially available power, rarely with a white wire,-5V logic circuits to determine the level and require little current, generally will not affect the system work properly, the probability of failure is very small.
Note: To consider the power of a power support capacity, the most important is to see the maximum output capacity of red, yellow, orange, three lines. The output capacity of the different configurations of the system for these three lines have different requirements. For most new computer assembly apparently +12 VDC output is the most important.
Specification developed by Intel ATX power the latest version of the ATX 12V 2.0, compared with the previous version of the ATX 12V 1.3, the most obvious difference in the new standard are: output connector to the motherboard by 20Pin to 24pin, two sets of +12 V to output. Compared with ATX12V 1.3 version, ATX12V 2.0 version is the most obvious improvement is +12 V increased to a separate output that uses a dual output, which is all the way to +12 V (called +12 V1) specifically for the power to the CPU, while the other all the way to the +12 V2 compared to other devices powered.