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Christine He Sanyang Electronics Second National PANGU power agents will be successful

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2019/01/02 11:12
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 July 3, 2010, the second session of the Guangzhou Sanyang Electron Technology Co., Ltd. the Sanyang Pan ancient power agents nationwide Assembly held ceremoniously in Guangzhou Baiyun District Wulong Sports Resort, across the country a total of more than forty agents friends attended the agents.
This meeting, Sanyang electronic released on the PANGU power of his own brand and new product focus, and partners reported Sanyang Electronic current situation and future development blueprint, created a national distributor for experience sharing, communication learning opportunities.
Since The year 2008, Sanyang electronic PANGU power to launch his own brand, gradually improved through the promotion and quality of the company fully PANGU brand recognition of our customers. Now Sanyang PANGU power has been covering the core cities in the country, out of the country, covering the Middle East, Eastern Europe, Australia and Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.
F4 series of green power in the doing business will be the release of three new PANGU F4-480, F4-520, F4-680, the concept of energy saving, environmental protection, wide "are market has long been concerned about the hot spots.
Following the agents New Products:
The PANGU-F4 Series F480-300W
The PANGU-F4 Series F520-350W
The PANGU-F4 Series F680-400W
Industrial Power 25-300W
With Monitoring Integrated Power 30 - 200W
LED Power 15W - 200W
Municipal lighting dedicated LED engineering power (100W - 500W)
The Guangzhou Sanyang Electronic Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Deputy General Manager Zhang Zhaohua speech the development direction of the switching power supply, new product introductions do a detailed report.
We Sanyang F Series Active PFC power supply for the next product introduction:
1. Wide voltage input (100V-264Vac), does not exist in the remote mountainous or ultra-low-voltage region restart crash phenomenon, PWM + PFC high intelligence central IC: CM6805 to control.
2. +12 V design group 2 Output: +12 V1, +12 V2, +12 V1 special adjustment of the output current, can support more than 240W power graphics.
3. Do not have a general power This power is in addition to over-voltage, over-power, short circuit protection, over-current, negative pressure, over-temperature protection. Using the most state-of-the-art management of protected chip PS229.
4. Active PFC design the PFC value reached more than 0.98, almost no loss and interference grid energy, traditional power supply with passive PFC, PFC value of only 0.70, grid losses
5 conversion efficiency up to 83%, in line with the 80PLUS bronze medal specification, but also 78% of the the Great Wall BTX-400SD conversion efficiency
6. Standby circuit U.S. Fairchild high-quality integrated circuits with ultra-low standby power consumption <1W comply with Energy Star 5.0 Energy Conservation Code, is the real green power.
7. Semiconductor components used in all international well-known manufacturers: ST, Fairchild, macro crown Mospec etc.
8. The two EMI circuit design, fully compliant with European CE, U.S. FCC and domestic GB9254-2008, GB17625-03 standard.
9. Double ball bearing fan, long life, more than 100,000 hours; with intelligent temperature control when the power in a light load, the noise does not exceed 20dB, at maximum load, the noise value, real ultra-quiet at 28dB.
Friends will participate in the agents are avidly listening to the passionate speech of Zhang
Guangzhou Sanyang Electron Technology Co., Ltd. General Manager: Zheng Yongqiang speech, reporting Sanyang electronic enterprise development, sharing of enterprise development course as well as the future development plan. I wish the agents will be successful, Sanyang tomorrow stronger greater.
Guangzhou Sanyang Electron Technology Co., Ltd. quality manager: Wang Zhiqiang Engineering Director: Wong Chi director of engineering: ZHONG City dealer friend to discuss exchange of experience
2010 Sanyang to be the Sanyang playing the domestic power industry well-known enterprises, vigorously rectify the optimization of the product and service processes, hire a professional and experienced the former senior engineer at the famous factory of Taiwan-funded professionals, to form a highly efficient team, the introduction of advanced equipment, innovation and R & D diversification power products. All this change around better service agent friend, to serve the market and the commencement of service consumers. This meeting in order to thank the friends of the strong support of major agents, we launched promotions, near the end of the meeting, many agent friends have signed orders on the spot. Christine He Sanyang Electronics National Dealer Conference a complete success, and look forward to will "Sanyang pangu" brand on the basis of friendship and cooperation, further strengthen and expand the market performance overall harvest and the biggest win-win!