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Wide V600

Wide V600
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A. The design of Intel 12V 2.3 version dual 12V allows more robust output, and the single-ended normal shock technology is highly efficient and stable;
B.Rated power of 400W and line length of 750MM provide perfect support for the game chassis alignment at the back
C. The complete interfaces make it the first choice of gamers and acting as the server power;
D. Wide voltage designadapts to a variety of environments and makes it energy-saving and durable.
E.The unique six-protection features: :OVP,UVP,OCP,OLP,SCP,OPP.
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Model: Pangu wide V600
Version: SY-8688/INTEL ATX 12V 2.3 version
Power: rated power 400W, maximum power of 600W
Product size: 150 * 85 * 160MM
Carton size: 625 * 490 * 285MM
Operating temperature: -10 °C / +50°C
Storage temperature: -20 °C / +40 °C
Cooling fan: 14CM/1400 turn double-ball fan
PFC type: Passive PFC
Enclosure: 0.8MM/SECC enclosure
Power cord: 1.5M safety standard international line
Output line: 24p * 1, E-IDE 4P * 3 S-ATA * 4 (4 +4), P * 1 (6 +2) P * 2
Line length: 750MM standard lineprovidingperfect support for the game chassis alignment at the back
Support: support INTEL, AMD processor
Certification: CE / FCC, 3C authority certification
Application: game players
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